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    I'm thinking about charging the non-performring merchants a monthly maintenance fee. That will save me from removing them from my site and save them from loosing the traffic.

    Any other affiliates began charging a monthly maintenance fee?

    I was thinking about something like the difference between 7.5 cents a click and what I actually earned, but only for significant non-performers, like those where I only receive a penny or two per referral. After all, they've got to pay at least 10 cents a click now for similar traffic from Overture.

    Any merchants want to comment on this? A little maintenance fee can turn a lose-lose situation into a win-win situation.

    I'd even be willing to have CJ or the other networks collect the maintenance fee on my behalf and keep 1/3 of it for themselves. Any networks listening in have a comment on this?

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    How the heck do you expect the AM's who run diversion tactics and put up with double dipping BHO's to pay us for wasted clicks. Can you really expect a Walmart who still hasn't paid anyone for December sales to divy up a CPC penalty or non-performance bonus. Looks like the networks are turning into pimps for the Ad-nausium whores. BeFree is also jumping into the PPCSE game as a front from some ValueClick push to compete. Look for a private labeled BHO to drive that initiative.

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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Whiznot:
    I'm thinking about charging the non-performring merchants a monthly maintenance fee. That will save me from removing them from my site and save them from loosing the traffic.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    Having my own affiliate site I understand the work that goes into this and what the value of a visitor really is. And as a merchant I am willing to pay for the things that make economic sense for both branding and direct sales. What that means is this: I am willing to pay a whole lot less for BRANDING traffic and a lot more for traffic that converts.

    e.g. Non-Converting Branding Traffic = Mass Banner buys, targeted networks at .35 to .50/m

    My best converting traffic is solo email campaigns that cost me $1.50 - $2.00/m and I get a 12-15% guaranteed open rate. This converts at extraordinary rates of 14 to 18% on average and higher depending on the offers.

    .10 cents a click on Overture is prohibitive to a merchant like me - not in the sense that it won't convert. I just think it's highway robbery and can do better elsewhere. The best CTR I ever got on Overture was 6.2% at .47 cents a click compared to the gauranteed 12-15% at .02 cents a click for email. No brainer.

    Just food for thought before you ask a merchant for .075 cents or more for non-performing clicks. I'd rather just buy banner space on your site - that might be a better approach.

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