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    Ad networks with free credits
    Hi, I once, years ago, came across a listing of smaller ad networks that give you free credits to get started. These are pay per click ad networks trying to get customers, who give you, for example, $10 in credits to see how they do. Some of these networks may even be worth something in terms of traffic.

    Where can we find networks like this? Any referrals, listing sites, networks that you know of?

    I think this could be a good resource for people who want to test the waters on PPC advertising.

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    $300 AdWords Coupons
    These coupons are most typically handed out by AdWords at trade shows and industry conferences, to interested potential advertisers.
    Search Engine Advertising-
    Advertise on Microsoft adCenter and Get $50 in Free Clicks.
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    Free credits on the lower-tier networks are worth about what you pay for them. It's just a waste of your time.

    Stick with Google, Yahoo, and MSN whether it's a free trial or not.

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    I can't seem to find that offer from MSN. Instead, they want a five dollars sign-up fee. Where is the $50 credit? Thanks.

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