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    Merchants beware!!!!!!!!
    It might sound a bit odd but it actually happens.

    Suppose there is a company X & a company Y.
    Both competitors in the same industry.

    X has great figures in programs like shareasale/others

    Y does not like that.....what Y does is that it employs fake affiliates and purposely create a helpless situation for company Y by forcing X to reverse a lot of the amount. This would spoil the figures of X.

    So beware!!!!


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    LOL.... AMEET, welcome to ABW. You can find all kinds of information about this kind of thing on numerous prior threads here. Take some time to read up on topics that interest you so you can see where discussions and thoughts have been expressed and it'll help you along.

    Good to have you with us and thanks for sharing well intended advice.
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    I was actually thinking about something similar to this just the other day- merchants who buy through their own bogus affiliate links in order to boost their EPC. Maybe they would think the network fees would be worth it if it attracts affiliates or something. Surely there is something the prevents this.

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    I this type of behavior especially prevalent in the first several months of an affiliate program. It takes a quality affiliate several months to build up traffic for a new program. While the scammers are able to hit a small merchant big time right off the mark.

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