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    Effective Affiliate Recruiting - Tips to Help You Target Successful Affiliates
    It's amazing how many affiliate program managers/owners waste time trying to recruit affiliates in verticals that are in no way related to the product or service they are trying to promote. If you're selling a garbage disposal product, you aren't going to make many sales placing banners on a fashion related website. You may be able to convince the affiliate to run your ad on their site, but if the product you are promoting is of no interest to the people who visit that site, you've just wasted valuable time that could have been better spent if you'd taken a few moments to plan your prospecting.

    Before you do anything, sit down for a moment and think about the product you are trying to promote. Think about the kinds of people that would be interested in your product - what type of websites would these people visit? If you're selling life insurance for example, then you may want to consider parenting websites, single mom/father websites etc. Make a list of all the website categories that fit your product and a list of search keywords relating to these categories.

    The next thing you want to do is open an Excel sheet and set up 5 columns. Label these columns as follows: URL, email ADDRESS, TELEPHONE NUMBER, CONTACT, COMMENTS. You will be contacting a lot of potential affiliates so it is a good idea to come up with a color-coding scheme that will allow you to identify the various stages of contact with each affiliate and update the comments accordingly. For example, if you have e-mailed a prospect and are waiting for a response, you could use a blue color code to indicate this and update the comments with 'email SENT'. This will enable you to keep on top of things as your list grows and will ensure you do not miss out on potential business opportunities. It is also important that you do not annoy prospects that are not interested in your product with follow up emails etc. If they're not interested, use a red color code and update the comments with NOT INTERESTED - this will ensure your business reputation in not jeopardized.

    Once you've worked out your color coding scheme and set up your excel sheet, go to a search engine such as Google or Alexa and enter one of your keywords relating to the sites that you want to target. Go through the websites that your search brings up. Be sure to check the links to make sure that these sites are relevant, are likely to accept advertising and aren't outside of your target group. By evaluating the links before you click on them, you will save valuable time that would have otherwise been wasted viewing irrelevant websites.

    When you find a good fit, copy the URL and paste it into your Excel sheet. Go back to the website and locate the contact information - (this is usually at the bottom of the page) paste this into the relevant columns in your Excel sheet - email, TELEPHONE ETC.

    Next, you'll want to send a simple email to your potential affiliate asking them about advertising on their website. Tailor this to each affiliate you contact so that the email is personal and not spammy - a lot of affiliate marketing is about developing good relationships with your affiliates - starting that relationship with a personal email is a step in the right direction. Once you've sent your email, update your Excel sheet and move onto the next potential affiliate.

    By following these simple steps and targeting your prospects according to relevancy to your product, you will prevent business opportunities from slipping through the cracks. You will also double the amount of affiliates that sign up for your program - if an affiliate knows the people who visit their site are going to be interested in your product, then they know your campaign is going to work and therefore make them money - that's three quarters of the battle already won.
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