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    Impressiion from site I don't belong to?
    Kinda strange question I guess. I know I've found out that somehow programs have put me in them without me ever having asked to be. lol I'll be in the program controls to update an offer and see a site I had no clue why it had me in there and sure enough it was in my create a link. umm site doesn't really fit in with my site, so never did put the links up. I don't seem to get terminated from those sites for some reason either lol that's a whole other thing. lol

    Was checking out the reports and found a site I had never heard of (had a hard time even googling it to find it) It's not in my create a link or program control and I sure never joined does anybody know why I would have an impression from it??? Not accusing or thinking anything bad has gone on....just curious.

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    I've noticed this too and some of the impressions seem to be coming from the e-mail invitations that merchants send you in the Linkshare interface that already have your ID embedded in their sample creatives.

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    I made mention of this in the past as well, it seems to be an issue of impressions being logged for promotional emails sent to you that you opened thus reporting an impression.

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