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    CJ affiliates Spybot Immunize is killing your Sales!
    I saw this post on a blog: and was wondering if any ABWers have experimented and found other network aff links also affected by this. This is very discouraging. If other aff links aren't affected, then I have to find merchants who also use other networks. And possibly start a letter writing campaign by affs to encourage CJ only merchants to consider another network--if their links don't work & they're losing sales, what's the point?

    But if other network links are also affected, this is a major problem. Obviously, a lot of people go online at work and cannot reconfigure Spybot. Nor are most people going to do this with their personal computers.

    Is this blog post accurate? What are affs supposed to do?
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    Last time when CJ was blocked by Norton CJ released the new slew of domains, affiliates will experience more and more issues with blocking because of CJ's relationships and the companies VC owns that partake in unethical marketing, adware and generally bad stuff that causes links to be blocked.

    The best long term policy for all affiliates is to urge merchants to move or open supplemental programs on ethical networks such as, avantlink or shareasale.
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    Yeah I have problems with my affiliates who use ChannelAdvisor because they don't register clicks and sales using the cart I'm inputting sales manually until I find a particular cart I would like to support using. Any suggestions appreciated.

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