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    January 18th, 2005
    Hi All,

    Is it worth it to design a pda friendly site considering relative;y small number of people using pda to surf the web.

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    I haven't seen much success yet- but that doesn't mean it isn't on the horizon- I just don't know the timeline (wish I did)

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    Only if you have something specifically useful for PDA (or WAP) users.

    Surfing the web on a PDA is a truly horrible experience. Shopping on a PDA would be ghastly.

    The sort of things that *would* work are stuff like hotels, travel etc.

    Looking back at my logs, I have 0.007% of visitors coming in on a PDA. I think that may even have been me. Heck I have more visitors using 3200x1200 displays than PDAs.

    All your commission are belong to us.

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