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    Browsers acting weird
    I use FireFox and IE. Mostly FireFox. The other day I turned on the computer and got on the net like always. When FireFox loaded and my homepage came up (google) all the words were in some weird font that makes the page mostly unreadable. Other sites do the same. Not all words are using this weird font.

    I thought IE was okay but I realized that it is using a different font as well. Just not the weird one that firefox is using. This makes me think that I've downloaded something (drive by download) that I shouldn't have.

    Any ideas on what could be wrong? Is this a parasite? I ran a virus check using Norton. My subscription is up-to-date. nothing was found.

    Any ideas?

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    Try checking if your font options got changed somehow? Though I've never played with them, so have no idea if it actually affects what is seen on webpages.

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    Ya if your font has changed to another langauge but your OS cant display it it will look weird. Good Call.

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