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    October 20 Release-New Links UI and more!
    We are pleased to report on the latest upgrade to ConnectCommerceSM. On Saturday, October 20 we released several new features to boost productivity and continue to improve your experience with the DoubleClick Performics affiliate marketing platform.

    New Links User Interface – "Get Links Beta"

    We are pleased to debut a new links user interface. This revamped UI is being launched as a beta because the feature will evolve and improve with your feedback. The beta UI is available alongside of all current link functionality to ensure no interruption your current practices. However, this new links UI is a clean, simple and efficient way to retrieve links for all your DoubleClick Performics’ relationships.

    * To access the new links UI go to the “get links” tab and click on “by advertiser
    * Select the advertiser and in the “Action” column, select “Get Links [Beta]” from the drop down and click “Go.”

    With the new Get Links UI, publishers can choose between Image Links and Text Links. You no longer have to generate links before using them. All links within the interface are available and ready to be displayed on your website.

    To narrow your results go to the right hand side of the screen and use the following filters:

    * Type – See advertiser created links or links you have created for the advertiser (BYOL’s).
    * Date – Narrow the field those that expire within 7 days, ongoing (do not expire, such as free shipping or $1.00 off), or will expire and have a valid expiration date.
    * Promotion – A quick search for all links for a specific promotion.
    * Size – Narrow down on a specific sized banner.

    You may retrieve the tracking link and creative URL by selecting the Get HTML button. More information about the link or offer may be available by selecting More Details. Finally, you may view the landing page for the link in another tab (or window if your browser doesn't support tabs) by clicking the Landing Page button associated with the link.

    We are already working on several important enhancements for the next release and we encourage your input. Please send any suggestions or feedback to affiliate[at] with “beta” in the subject line.

    Order Inquiry Search :
    This feature helps you get results faster and gain the information you need to track the status of individual orders.

    To access the Order Inquiry Interface:

    * Setup -> account -> find orders
    * Enter an order id and (optionally) date range and click submit.

    Publisher Profile Enhancement:
    Publishers can now enhance the profiles that are viewable by advertisers with HTML content. With the 'Site Description' feature found in the 'Web Site Information' section, you can provide a robust description of your site and value proposition.

    To edit your Site Description click on “setup” -> “Publisher Site Description.”

    Click preview to see your edits.

    Our affiliate marketing product development initiatives in 2008 focus on improving the overall speed and scalability of our systems and improving publisher productivity. We are committed to continually improving our affiliate marketing solutions and to providing you with the best possible experience.

    We welcome your input and ideas. Feel free to contact us at affiliate[at] and/or comment on the DoubleClick Performics Blog.

    DoubleClick Performics

    Check out the DoubleClick Performics Publisher User Guide here, or click on the help link in the upper right hand portion of an page in ConnectCommerce.
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    Will send off email too but have been trying it out and a couple of suggestions:

    With the links, I would like an option to have them all on one page. For example you get 9 text links per page and if there were 35 text links, there would be 4 pages. I want to be able to have the option to have them all on one page.

    And with the image links, think there are a couple of bugs to work out. When you click on them to get a bigger image to check them out, most of the time the screen just turns grey, sometimes I get the image, one time I got an image and it's kind of stuck on the bottom of the browser.

    But overall, I like it.

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