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    Can anyone help me?
    Hello friends,
    I am running an online business but I have problem with my site url because it’s too long and ugly. I want shrink it down to a manageable size. Please let me know if you have any idea. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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    Hello John,
    You posted essentially the same question within 3 minutes of each other. Just to let you know, you can edit your posts after you've posted them rather than repost the same thing, which is not considered good forum etiquette.

    I have a similar situation, set up a URL that was very long and impossible for anyone to remember. What I did was register another domain name that was short and sweet and did a 301 redirect to the main domain. I couldn't switch the main name as I would lose inbound links from some directories, etc., that don't allow redirects. But I promote the shorter name whenever I can.

    I don't suggest using something like Tiny Url, as it's not a professional way to promote your site. Come up with a name that you feel "brands" your site and register/redirect it.

    If your site is new, doesn't have inbound links, etc., you might consider switching your site to the new domain name. There's others here that might be able to give you more advice about whether or not this last one is advisable.

    Good luck and much success to you!
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    As long as your web hosting allows multiple domains, you have the option to 'park' an additional domain so that both go to the same pages or you could set it up as an 'add on' domain and use the web host's control panel to set up a permanent redirect and you could easily just copy your files into the new domain. That would probably be the simplest way.
    If the site URL is too long because of your directory structure then just reorganize your HTML files so that they are not so far down. (and set up redirects or just wait for your pages to be reindexed by the search engines)

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    As stated already, if your initials are available or possibly put the word "My" in front of your intials and do a redirect.
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