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    Link popularity checking?
    Hi all,
    Is there any site for checking statistics of my site url. Please let me know if you know that type of site. Thanks!

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    Hello John and welcome to ABW!

    For free site statistics, use Google Analytics or if you are slightly familiar with PHP/mySQL, try phpMyVisites:

    There are some who feel that Google datamines their Analytics program and don't wish to give them free data which could conceivably be used against them, however, all you need to do is sign up for an account and copy/paste a small bit of code into all your pages.

    phpMyVisites is an open source web analytics script that you will need to install on your server and also add code to each page. It is easy to do, however, you do have to be able to install scripts and mySQL databases on your server. This is what I use.
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    you're going to have to put some code on your site, nevertheless . . .

    if you are only going to have a few pages, is free

    but if you are going to have a lot of pages or they are generated dynamically, try, also free

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    I've been very happy so far with Google Analytics.

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    Your Logfiles and/or Analytics will give you information about links to your site that are sending traffic, but not necessarily all the links to your site. For that you need to query the Search Engines for a list of all found links to your site.

    Then there are the links to your site that are neither sending traffic nor have been found by the Search Engines. To find those, you need a little magic.
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