Many of you know that I hold a large domain name portfolio. The reason I am here at ABW is to learn to leverage that bunch of domains better that I have to date. Most of my domains are wine related and I can somewhat effectively service those visitors, but about a third are domains from every color under the rainbow with just as many niches.

That said , I discovered my downfall in efficiently leveraging my portfolio. Please also understand that 'previously', I have not played well with others, so I frankly didn't ask for any advice in effective monetization of my 1250 domain names. So basically, I started again from scratch. All the little Adsense sites I built were torn down, sure I kept the HTML files, but the domain was redirected to my registrar's PPC program. 30 to 50 minisites came down and I also reset the DNS on about 1000 domains back to my registrars PPC program.

Please understand PPC has never been intended as my main income source from these domains, ever! I sell wine and I sell it very well. But was I ever more surprised than after I redirected 1000 domains to a simple parking page from other working funnel pages, my traffic on those funnel pages was only reduced by 20% and my traffic to my ppc was increased 1000% percent, yes one thousand percent. More over I am making a pittance more each day to the tune of $20 more each day, but it rises by a small percentage every week.

I don't know what to make of this but I am happy and some domains are getting a nice PR.

My next step as long as the income stays the same or increases is to take the cream at the top and develop, slowly.

Now that we have hit equilibrium, we can take our time to enjoy the process.