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    Zango acquires SmartShopper for $9 million
    Thought this may be interesting

    Phil Andrews
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    it's amazing what you can afford to buy when you're stealing (and aiding theives) all day long.

    "Stratz said that SmartShopper is different from online shopping comparison sites (PriceGrabber, Shopzilla, Mpire, Bountii, etc.) because it requires a software download and is integrated in the browser."
    whoa, big surprise there... not.

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    He declined to comment on the purchase price, but did say that SmartShopper employs about a dozen people in Tel Aviv. With the acquisition, Zango will employ more than 50 people in Tel Aviv.
    Tel Aviv? Is there some connection I am missing, or is it just simply the most convenient, not in the USA country they have?

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    good point donuts.

    Build a great business model that focuses on stealing. Then buy other peoples business model's that compliment your business model strenght's.

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