I had some problems with my day subscription of wordtracker. But after sending a request to customer support look at the outcome. Pretty good stuff!

<BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR> Hi,

Yep. Sure. I've extended it by a week. Are the problems still occurring, or has it settled down now? Please note that if you use the Overture/Goto database for keywords, all results in the competing columns will have N/A. If you use the Wordtracker database (comprehensive, compressed, simple, exact, precise), the N/A disappears and is replaced by KEI and Competing results. Reason is that we can't make predictions based on Overture's data as we don't know their total database size.


&gt; Hello!
&gt; I signed up for the day subscription and it shows errors and incomplete
&gt; (ie. N/A, too many request, etc) pages. I've used this service before
&gt; without this problem. I also tried my request during odd hours but its
&gt; still the same. Is it possible to extend my day subscription or figure
&gt; out what the problem is or refund. Id rather have a chance to use it as
&gt; I've done so before.
&gt; thanks