I'm feeling kinda dumb right now, trying to understand network stats, and apologize in advance if this IS a dumb question!

My site EPC averages $3.50 (both 7-day & 3-month). Fine.
Network rank is in the 76th-100 percentile. Great.

When I look at my publishers stats, it shows a different story, sampling as follows:

Merchant A - 14.83/5.96 (7-day/3-month)
Payout rank: 26-50th percentile

Merchant B - 24.36/26.50 (7-day/3-month)
Payout rank:76th-100 percentile

I felt like a star.. and then a chump. Either that, or I'm not very good at math... I receive 4th quartile ranking at 3.50 while a publisher with that payout rank is first quartile..?

How can merchants not be the sum of affiliate performance..? I'm quite confused here... or is publisher "payout rank" a different statistic than affiliate "network rank".. I'm obviously not that successful within my own merchants, ok, but this is more extreme than I would expect.