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    Effective/Attractive Checkout Processes
    Was wondering if anyone had a merchant where they simply love the checkout process. We're working on someone's cart, and while I have my own tendencies, I'd like input from others.

    Who does it the best?
    Kevin Webster
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    Oh geez thank you, I don't know how to emphasize enough how the cart GUI, feel and useability are crucial for conversions.

    Bottom line is this ---

    If I land on the product page, I should be able to be outta there in less than 3 minutes flat if not two!!! If that ain't happening there is definitely an issue.

    If you use that as the rule (and you can track that - I have!) the cart technology doesn't matter it's all basically the same.
    Continued Success,

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    Whatever you do, don't make them have to register/create an account first. Try this one out quickly:

    Not good. You can have it as an option but not a requirement. You want to get them thru the checkout process as quickly and easily as possible.

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    I know you're looking for specific merchant examples, but here are some of the aspects I look for:

    1) The path that you want the user to take (add to cart, cart to checkout, each step of checkout) should clearly point the shopper toward the next step. Most people are followers and will do what is expected of them. If the most prominent thing on a page is the next step you want them to take, that's what most people will do. Make sure the next step is always very prominent.

    2) Shipping costs (and options), delivery time, and any discounts should be clearly represented as early (i.e. the cart) and frequently as possible. Customers should have no doubt.

    3) Distractions should be eliminated. The focus should be on getting them checked out.

    4) Everything should be done with as few steps as possible. Each step gives a potential place where you can lose a customer.

    5) The checkout process should be secure and should give all the proper indications that it is secure (without worrying the customer).

    6) If you can eliminate the coupon code field in the checkout process, do so. If not, follow best practices (give them some coupons to choose from right there) to reduce the problems that it can cause. Seeing that field will send many customers searching for a coupon. If they find it, odds are it's from an affiliate who will then get credit for the sale (which some merchants and most other affiliates don't like). If they don't find one, many (most?) will abandon the cart. It's a lose-lose situation.

    7) Allow choices for logging in, creating an account, or checking out without creating an account.

    8) Keep everything as compact as possible. Reduce or eliminate scrolling as much as possible.

    9) Make sure any additional checkout options (PayPal, Google Checkout) track. It's stunning how many don't. I would prefer NOT to have those options.

    10) Don't make customers retype address information if billing and shipping is identical.

    11) Don't ask for things you don't need (SS#, etc.).

    12) The entire checkout process should be intuitive. If you know people who aren't Internet savvy, have them go through the checkout process and just watch. Don't do this with the same person more than once, as you want their first impression.

    13) Include a progress bar that makes it clear what steps are coming up and how far along they are.

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    Thank you all for this input.

    We're building this from the ground up, so here's our thoughts:

    1.) Non registered checkout. Not there now, due to initial bad cart programming on the existing solution, but it's coming in our build.

    2.) Single page checkout with an AJAX progress indicator.

    3.) Affiliate Coupons that create co-branded landing pages managed by Customer Class. May not be in the first RC, but it will be there.

    4.) Shipping is flat rate, so it will be intuitive, transparent, and highly visible through the process.

    5.) While we will most likely need a coupon box, we're CONSIDERING turning it off for affiliate traffic, since coupon affs, if they reach out to us, will have it included already, included in pricing driven by customer class.

    6.) No PayPal, though Google Checkout will be an option down the road, I believe. Of course, we will work diligently to ensure it tracks.

    How about some thoughts on what should happen when a customer Adds to Cart... I heard feedback either way this weekend... Take them to the checkout process, or leave them where they are?

    And I'd still like some GUI examples people like if they want to share...

    Thanks again.
    Kevin Webster
    twitter: levelanalytics

    Kayak Fishing
    Web Analytics and Affiliate Marketing

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    Hi Kevin,
    Somthing I did a while ago (purposley de-linked):
    http: // www.

    Let me know how you feel about that one.


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