There are a lot of other kids out there like Elizabth Smart. One of the reasons she was found is that so many people knew about her and were on the lookout for her kidnapper. The more people that know about a missing child the better.

So, how can you help?

The National Center for Missing Children has a java banner that you can put on your site that rotates the pictures and information of 12 missing kids. If you're interested go to and click on the How Can I Help? link, then click on the Web Links Project and get the banner code.

Again, the more people who know a kid is missing the better chance they have of being found. This will help spread the word and people can see the photos as they surf.

Obviously if you aren't interested or don't want to give up the banner space, then don't, but it's only one banner on your site and who knows it may help find a kid and end a parent's anguish.

Here's hoping one days such banners aren't needed any more.


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