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    January 17th, 2005

    I recently joined the magazine city program - I only found out from these boards that they were a morpheus merchant after I had joined and built a few pages - so I decided to try them for a while before making a decision.

    All went well at first - from 2 oct to 12 oct I was getting a great conversion rate - about 1 sale for every 12 click throughs - but for the last 5 days I've had nothing.

    I'm wondering if this is just a natural lean spell, or maybe it's connected with the recent cj changes.

    More worrying is the possibility that the scumware is now stealing my sales - but I would have thought that this would happen fron day 1 - is it possible that somehow you can enjoy a scum free period when you first join a program?


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    Scumware doesn't direct itself at individuals. It could be that you have a loyal audience who saw the ad and bought.

    But, I admit it often seems that I get unusually high sales in the beginning of campaigns and I wonder if perhaps an AM is in the background fiddling with stats to make be want to add more links before the switch.

    They know that many affiliates test, and dump programs that don't have a sale in the first couple hundred hits. I could see AMs tossing us a bone.

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    There is no way the sales came from my regular users - I made 6 sales in the first 10 days after they appeared in google.

    The pages were on my site for about 3 weeks before google picked them up - during this period I had no sales - in fact hardly anyone was even looking at the pages.

    Once google found them - wham!

    I have long suspected that AM's deliberately throw you a bone when you first join a program - but how the hell do you prove it!

    All you can do is threaten to take your business elsewhere and see if they turn the switch back on!

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