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    Helllo! Merchants Wake Up! It's Holiday Time!
    Maybe it's just me, but I'm not feeling much momentum about the holiday season online. Christmas is now but you can't tell it by the lack of promotions being sent out these days. What are all the merchants waiting for??? I am digging for stuff to put up when I should be complaining about being bombarded with emails from real merchants - not just the ones who have laid dead all year. Internet shoppers are shopping now and I'm just not feelin' it...

    If all the merchants are planning for the (what was it called last year?) Black Monday?? (something Monday) to be their big kick off, it's going to be too late.

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    I think it officially kicks off on Nov 1st

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    And where are all the calendars this year? I've been working my way through datafeeds and only finding ones for 2007 ... or even 2006 or 2002. I thought there would be hundreds of them out there for next year.

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    For The Jerusalem Export House Program ( I just finished uploading the data feed. I felt that the feed was more important then emailing the affiliates right now, although that is one of my next steps ;o)

    Is there a specific type of promo/coupon that you feel works better then others?

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