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    Thumbs up Shareasale Tracking URL suggestion
    Shareasale Tracking URL suggestion

    i wish you will use a tracking url with domain
    that have nothing to suggest it is related to ads, affiliate, commission, money , etc.

    use a "generic domain name with no meaning" like other networks as tracking url domain

    Please consider

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    I've experimented with using an intermediate domain that redirects to the shareasale link -- I don't really think it makes any difference whatsoever.

    To date, I'm not aware of any ad-blocker programs that interfere with ShareASale links, although there have been problems with CJ and LinkShare and some other affiliate links (I think Ben Edelman wrote a nice report on this many months ago). If the ad-blockers did interfere, then the use of alternate domains or intermediate links (as CJ has used) would be only a temporary solution.

    I suppose what you are asking for is a URL like "" or "" (both of which were available for registration just now, so I went ahead and registered them and a few related domains).

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    The other networks have identifiable links that show they are related to making money. Even the CJ gobblygook links are identifiable.
    Deborah Carney

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    my main point here for changing domain is not on non-human ad blockers. But the fact that many people feel when they see the commission earning link directly or from the status bar

    And i agree that other generic/meaningless domains are identifiable as doing tracking of some sorts(maybe not related to commission sharing). However, shareasale name conveys a very strong and clear message to Internet surfer about "sharing commission" or "selling you something".

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    You can use JavaScript so that the URL will not be visible in the status bar until the link is clicked.

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    however, it is not good for
    multiple deep links or variety of links

    not work on email/blog

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