I have been working with eBay and CJ for a couple of weeks now, and I am starting to see the sales pour in which is GREAT!

I am addicted to seeing what the buyer won, and I don't have a problem finding that, what I was wondering is how can I tell what date the cookie was set on the buyers computer. I know the cookie sets when a person clicks but I was hoping for an exact date, or even better the exact time

Because I like looking to see what else the buyer bid on and won trying to figure out if those sales are within my 7 days so I will get a commission for that sale as well, assuming they don't clear their cookies.

From what I can tell in the CJ reports the Event Date is when the auction ended and Posting Date is when CJ reported the sale and in downloading the reports in Excel I narrowed it down to the following mess of numbers listed under the Order_ID heading

2----------8; (The Auction Number)
20071024; (Is this when the user clicked? so I have 7 days from here?)
20071025; (When the auction ended)
1; (Quantity)
127.51; (Auction Amount)

The next column over the Click_Date is blank for every transaction

Is there a better place to find this information?

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!