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    SAS - Invalid Links Report
    First of all I was very happy to find that SAS now have a Invalid Links Report (Not sure how long it has been their) but I found a few invalid links and I have removed them. The only problem I see with the report that it only shows invalid links from the past day, as stated in the report:
    "Below is a listing of invalid links that generated traffic over the past day"

    So is it possible to have this report show invalid links for the past 7 or 30 Days?? If not I will have to check this every day.

    Thank you

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    Didn't even really notice that. I had to check CJ because I wasn't really sure how they run theirs but:

    "Note: Invalid link reports are created daily for the previous day and are on a rolling seven day schedule. These links remain as part of the report for seven days."

    So CJ has 7 rolling days. I like your idea of 7 - 30.

    Also just noticed in SAS in the far right - Filters but nothing there besides the word.

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    An optional email thingy would be nice too - but doesn't send emails unless there's invalid links being clicked.

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    The links that show up on the SAS report acually work - they go to the right product page.

    I'd like to know if we loose commissions from these invalid links - or, like Performics, it's just a "suggestion" to update an outdated link, even tho the link tracks.

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