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    Merchants and OPMs, please provide direct site URLs for your programs
    Folks need to see the site before signing up! A direct link to the SAS sign-up page is fine, but that means having to figure out what the merchant's URL is, open another browser window and type what we "guess" is the URL in, or search for the site name at a search engine first and find it that way.

    Please don't get insulted, it's nothing personal; but I, for one, won't promote your program simply because *you* or anyone else delightful and lovely manages it; I want to look before I leap. I just almost signed up for a program but looked first and I won't because the homepage is inappropriate for the audiences on my sites and I'd rather not offend or upset any of my visitors in any way.

    This is especially important when announcing a new program; it can avoid a lot of "inactive" affiliates and having to send activation notices to people who changed their mind after looking over the site.

    Yes, I know it might look good to get a lot of sign-ups; but I personally don't want those annoying activation emails for programs I changed my mind about after looking, even if they're offering bonuses.

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    Exactly my thoughts!

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    I agree with you 100%.

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    I link to the sas pages but then set direct links to the merchants on the bottom part of the sas detail pages where I add my name, links and contact info. Hope that's what you mean and ok too.

    batteryfuel , shower-curtains , everythingfurniture

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    This need comes up with me aoften as well.

    SAS might consider putting a link on that recruiting page that says "Visit this Merchant's Site"...

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    I like Donut's suggestion. Usually, I know enough about the program and merchant to be ready to sign up so I usually prefer the affiliate signup link. If they were links to the merchant site, I would have to search around the merchant site the affiliate signup link (which shouldn't be too prominent). A link to the merchant site from the affiliate signup page would be good, though, in case I have some questions first.

    Another option is to link to the program announcement page here (or even a link to the affiliate information page on the merchant site). Usually that has both a link to the merchant site and a link to the affiliate signup page.

    For affiliate managers, there's plenty of room in the signature for a link to both. For OPMs, I would recommend brevity and clarity in their signature, so just a single link is probably best.

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    I'll check and see if my guys have links to their sites on the Shareasale sign up page, and I do try to put them in the New Program announcements. Thanks for the reminder
    Deborah Carney

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