As a small part of a consulting project, I've been asked to identify merchants who have "dedicated server affiliate programs." I've identified a few dozen, but it's been a struggle to weed through thousands of "web hosting" companies to find those which actually offer dedicated servers.

I am only looking at companies that (1) offer to lease "dedicated servers," and list some pricing information on their web site, and (2) offer an affiliate/associate/referral program, open to non-customer affiliates who can earn a bounty or commission for referring new customers who lease a dedicated server.

I am not including companies that offer only "web hosting" or "virtual private servers" or "colocation facilities," unless they also offer dedicated servers. I'm also excluding several companies which offer 'dedicated servers' but have affiliate programs which pay commissions only on shared web hosting (read the fine print!). And I'm excluding many companies which pay referral fees only to their own customers.

As you'd expect, one reason for compiling this list is to make sure that the client can make a fully-informed decision about affiliate compensation. (That decision may limit the client's choice of affiliate technology solutions, if recurring payments are required. It's also possible that my client might decide not to offer an affiliate program at all).

I'd appreciate if you could PM or email me with any information you're willing to share.