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    Rejection Could Be a Blessing
    Nine days after applying I get this brilliance. Excerpt:
    Unfortuneately, upon review of your website(s) we have found that it does not fit our program at this time for one or more of the following reasons:
    The website url(s) listed were not accessible.
    The website submitted is unprofessional in nature.
    The website appears extremely out of date and may include inaccurate information.
    The subject content is not appropriate for our program.

    Feel free to contact.....
    I think sometimes rejection is a good thing.

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    Maybe an appropriate response would be:

    Never mind, upon reevaluation of your program(s) I have found that you would be a total waste of my time for one of the following reasons:
    The AM in question is clueless.
    The AM is unprofessional in nature.
    The AM is too lazy to actually review my site and provide accurate feedback.
    The program is not appropriate as I prefer to deal with responsive, professional organizations.

    Please do not contact....

    "I know that you believe you understand what you think I said, but I'm not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant." - Richard Nixon

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    Or the rejection I got which had a totally blank email.

    It really points out the merchants not to work with.

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    I also got a totally blank rejection email - with REJECTED in all caps in the email subject line.

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    I've discovered that most AMs don't even bother to look at the sites you own. They just look at the first one on the list and say no which is very silly considering how most of us have several if not many websites.

    If they aren't even going to bother checking, then they should just turn on auto-approve.

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    or auto-reject. If they are that clueless, they just saved us the frustration of trying to make money with them.

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    love it!!!

    I agree, some AM's seem to be out to lunch. I pity the merchants that hire them.

    WE are on auto approval for the convience of the affiliate, BUT i still check each affiliates application and site.
    Affiliate Marketing Manager AMWSO
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    My Christian website just got rejected for a Bible affiliate program due to my content not being the appropriate niche. Did they even look at my site? If a Christian site is not suitable to promote Bibles, then I don't know what is! I wrote them back letting them know the site is one of the top ranking Christian apologetics sites on the web. They wrote back after looking at the site, apologized, and told me to reapply. I told them the advertisement slot had already been filled.

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    No they hadn't either. Just as Tinyprints the greeting card merchant refused me even though I have several holiday sites including Christmas.
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