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    Changed Your E-mail Addy?
    I considered putting this in the GoodBulbs forum, but this issue probably affects or will affect all programs/AMs/OPMs/etc, regardless of network, so I thought that here would be a better spot.

    Recently I have been getting email change notices to my program from some kind of "internet account switching service" which is attached to various ISPs. This is looking like it could get to be a trend, so I thought I should mention a few things:

    Thing is, these switch-notices merely give the old email address and then the new one. Like this: has changed their email to

    The problem is, I have no idea who the heck these people are! I don't have people's email addresses unless they've written me directly--SAS has them. And even if I did, my address book goes by name, not email addy.

    So, my point is: If you send out an email change notice, INCLUDE YOUR ACCOUNT NUMBER on record at the relevant network, AND YOUR NAME. And, don't forget to update at the network!! If I remember right, most if not all of the big networks do NOT pass on the email to merchants as a default option. So if you just email the merchant but don't tell the network, all the newsletters etc. are still going to go to the old address--the one on file at the network.

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    Thanks for the tip. I'll be changing my email addy so timely advice.
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