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    Direct Connection To SAS Vs Tracking Pixel
    In a previous post, I talked about my beloved FF extension Adblock blocking SAS's tracking pixel. I actually ended up not getting paid my commission for referring FreeQuotesWorld to SAS because of it (I ended up not pursuing the matter because it took me so long to figure out what was going on).

    I've been thinking about this quite a bit recently, and came up with a solution that is guaranteed to track a sale and can't be blocked by client-side addons: a direct port-to-port connection with the SAS servers on the confirmation page script (e.g. using cURL).

    Does SAS currently provide an option to open a port to their servers and post the affiliate sales info directly? It need not be (nor should it be) the only method for tracking (it could be an advanced setting sort of thing), but I would much rather use it than the tracking pixel.
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    Yes, they do. I know of a few SAS merchants who use it. It's still not foolproof. If there's a connectivity issue between you and SAS, something might not track. Plus, you have to keep track of the affiliate details on your end.

    I would love to see a redundant system where the merchant uses BOTH methods to track.

    I actually worked with one (non-SAS) merchant who used both methods for a period of time while they were transitioning from one to the other. Each method missed some sales (less than 5%). Neither worked flawlessly. There wasn't a significant difference between the two from what I saw.

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