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    Where to put the blog
    Is it better to host a website related blog on the website itself (using whatever fantastico script is good), or to host it on a dedicated blogging site?

    Which is better for search engines, visibility and so forth?


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    I would highly suggest hosting the latest version of WordPress on your own site. There are other solutions that are good, too.. but I prefer WordPress hands down.

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    I agree that using it on your own site is probably best, and easier to find.

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    If you use a public blog you don't have much control, but you do save some money in hosting costs.

    If you don't have your own URL that will bite you in SEO.

    If you use a public blog instead of hosting it you'll have to obey their policies which may or may not be affiliate link friendly. And of course if it is a public blog then it might be paying for its self via banner ads.

    If you use webhosting, then you have the control, bills, domain and can do what you want.

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