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    Webservices support?
    Although it's not an oxymoron in the true sense of oxymorons, it sure comes close.

    CJs Webservices started off with such promise, and now it's dwindled into a forum supported only by the users that still care to use it. It's up and down more than (insert your own innuendo here) and the support is nonexistent.

    Here's an example of what I want to do and what it gives me.

    I want to pull my sales from yesterday as of right now, so I send a request to their server and it sends me back only the sales that started yesterday and posted yesterday. Even though I am running this request now, after many other items have already posted today (sale started yesterday), I still only get what posted yesterday.

    But if I MANUALLY go into my CJ UI and look at my sales from yesterday, I get everything that was sold yesterday even if it posted this morning.

    Does anyone else use webservices (cough, cough) on CJ?

    -- Racer

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    Try it tomorrow. I got a reply back from webservices about other issues with the new 2.0 API. They said there was some stuff done today that will "fix a few outstanding issues".

    Don't count on answers in the WS forum, they only use that for announcements. You need to contact them direct for a reply, and they are usually fairly quick about it.

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    What's the exact email to contact them directly?
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