Hello Team,

If you've been following our Cash Tuesday offerings as of late you know that I had a little lapse and forgot to post it yesterday.. SORRY..

So, to make it up to everyone I am going to be offering a little more incentive for thechristcross.com affiliates.

Are you ready?

Here goes!

All affiliates on thechristcross affiliate program will recieve an additional $25.00 Cash Bonus for every $500.00 in sales generated between October 31, 2007-November 6, 2007.

It does'nt get any better than this folks! The HOLIDAY SEASON is approaching, thechristcross makes a perfect gift! Consumers are putting up their lights, the Christmas season is right around the corner! If your not familiar with thechristcross.com, I've outlined some program benefits below:

Program Benefits

$90.00 Average Order
In house Exclusive ShareASale Program
10% Commissions on all SALES! (Contact us for an Exclusive Higher Commission Private Offer)
60 Day Cookies
Parasite FREE
Custom Links and Banners created for your site traffic
Additional Bonus Incentives
Dedicated Program Management by Andy Rodriguez Consulting

Join thechristcross.com TODAY!