We have been receiving numerous complaints from our viewers about an auto installed SentryStub.exe loaded in to our viewers browsers with no authorization by our viewers, or us.

We mailed the company an order to immediately cease & desist their actions against our viewers.

Copy of mail sent:

To Whom It May Concern,

Designer Wiz Web Productions team has received numerous reports that your service is targeting our viewer audience at http://www.designerwiz.com with a hidden installation of your service SentryStub.exe without our service expressed permission, or knowledge to do so.

Designer Wiz Web Productions has not contracted your service to auto install any foreign agent installation in to our viewers computer at our behest.

Furthermore, our service, or viewers have not specifically given you permission to deceptively install any type of foreign agent for the purpose of extracting IP origin for region/marketing targeting purposes, or any other purpose not mentioned here per your web site textual statement of what this SentryStub.exe file states it's use is for located at http://www.ipinsight.com/how.asp.

We immediately order you to cease this action against our service!
If our service receives any further complaints to us by any of our viewers after 24 hours of sending this notification to info@ipinsight.com we will be forced to take immediate remedial action to protect our service and viewers both.

Designer Wiz Web Productions has hereby clearly notified you of our intent to protect our service and viewers both with this immediate order made to your service to immediately cease your service unwanted/unauthorized auto installation of the SentryStub.exe file.

Your service is hereby warned of our monitoring your service future action against our service, viewers and our immediate remedial action if this install is not stopped IMMEDIATELY.

Firewall Alert:
SentryStub.exe is a stub installer for the company's IP-Sentry application -both distributed by IP-Insight Corporation, a Delaware Corporation. Please see http://www.ipinsight.com for more details.
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A copy of this warning may be posted on our service page to inform the many viewers who have complained about your actions that have reflected negatively against our service of the current events in resolving this unwanted/unauthorized installation.

Ray Thomas
DesignerWiz.com CEO
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