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    It seems that we are going to start taking Iraqi's who surrender now and not send them back. A report just reported 15 Iraqi's surrendered. Now if we can get the other 400,000 troops or whatever the number is to surrender that would be nice. I know wishful thinking but ya just never know.

    Sounds like we are in the dmz now in Iraq. Lets hope all them flyers that were dropped do the thing and save a lot of Iraqis from being killed. Bagdad is going to be another thing though.

    On another note, the rumor that Azziz had defected or was killed was just a rumor. He just held a news conference. For some reason I have always thought of him to be the one that was passing info to us about Suddam. Probably not though.

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    I'd read over a week ago in the Chicago Trib an incident where maneuvers including test firing which had been heard across the border sent some number of Iraqi soldiers to come over and surrender. They were told they could not surrender yet and were turned away. I should have cut it out.


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