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    Privacy groups seek 'Do Not Track List'
    Privacy groups seek 'Do Not Track List'

    Proposal would ban advertisers from tracking users' online activities

    A number of privacy groups Wednesday called for creation of a "Do Not Track List" that would prohibit advertisers from tracking consumers' online activities.

    Similar to the popular Do Not Call telephone lists, the Internet proposal comes amid impressive gains in online advertising revenues, providing critical revenue to startups and Web giants such as Google and Yahoo.

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    Affiliate marketing would suffer the most.

    If you can't track them, then money won't be made

    But in the CPM and CPC world, no biggie, just show them generic ads.

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    I saw a bit on CNN this morning and new someone would post here on it. Just thought there would have been more discussion on it by now.

    They were calling it Do Not Cookie, but it's all the same movement. I did a search on CNN and got a bunch of results.

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    The bad actors have given this industry a black mark and we're all gonna feel it if this happens.

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    The bad actors will ignore it and it will be meaningless. That is my guess.

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