Think it's ok to put a link to a news story but if I'm bein bad.....please moderator: delete it and I'm sorry.

Wouldn't normally post a news story but this just seemed so sad He is the third police officer to be shot in 4 days this week. The other two will be fine but sadly after hours of surgery last night, he passed away this morning. He had been an officer for 25 years and all he did was happen to walk into a Dunkin Donuts to get his normal cup of coffee. (It had been robbed a month ago and they said he routinely would check on it while getting his coffee)

Robbery had been in progress, there was a big window so the robber saw him in the parking lot. Soon as he walked in the door he was shot in the forehead. He never had a chance. He left behind a famly. Don't believe I've ever seen as many police officers in an area afterwards and they've replayed and replayed it on the news, all the schools in the area had been locked down after it happened, helicopters were in the air. I can't say for sure but would think if he's not caught there will be a reward and then he will be. He sorta stands out from the description given of him.

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