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    January 18th, 2005
    Talking Do You Have Fat Domesticated Cat?
    Well, if your domestic Cat is Fat, you can get that p**** cat in shape in no time!

    This is November!

    So if you have a fat cat, see this video............:

    By the way, if you like to eat a lot of shrimp without geting fat, then you must see this video too:

    If you think that the two videos above represent cruelty to any animals, deal with it.

    I found those videos by accident, while watching an ABW Commercial and an ABW Chicago Reunion video, on your tube, they are not on my tube.

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    The cat one is hilarious. And I don't think cruel because there are several videos out there with the cats on the treadmill and they seem to be enjoying themselves. If a cat didn't want to do that, they wouldn't. I suppose presenting to them to confuse them might not be the nicest thing, but once they tried it once, they wouldn't go back if they didn't want to.

    I laughed through the whole thing thinking about my little fat cat at home and what she would think about it.


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    I actually tried to get my cat to walk on my treadmill... He just looked at me like I was nuts.

    I love the music to that video... LOL

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