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    November 2nd, 2007
    Help needed ... for my new site,.
    I am developing a new site that offers free practice exams on various topics.
    As of now everyone has access to the exams without any restrictions.

    Going forward I would like to set a login for my site. And provide the login credentials only to those who complete a free affiliate offer. The offer could be a no obligation quote or some free offer.

    In this way the site is still free for the user, but I will get some revenue through affiliates.

    An email (with details of the login credentials) should be sent to the person who completes the offer.

    Is there any affiliate system that has this capability.

    Please help. I am very new to the Affiliate area.

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    I don't know of an "off the shelf solution" for account validation. I usually write my own script in ASP that handles user validation. You could find a Joomla module written in PHP. MHO is that if you are going to run a site to make money, you want to know how the whole thing is put together (no surprises lurking in the background).

    Best of luck!

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    November 2nd, 2007
    Thanks ...
    Actually I already have built a account validation .. using DotNetNuke ..

    My need is .. how will I know when a visitor fulfils one of my affiliate links , so that I can send him an email with the login details ?

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