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    Target's Holiday Commissions
    Everyone get the email?

    Double digits!!!

    Let's see... Wal-mart sends an email every day saying they're lowering more commissions

    And Target gives us a nice raise!!!

    Your loss Walton family!!!!

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    Guess Old Sam's offspring don't get it BK!! GO TARGET!!!
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    VERY aggressive of Target! VERY surprising!!! We should remember to swap notes post-holiday season and see how things really turn out. Happy Selling!

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    Nice! Wish they'd start it right away.

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    Rules and questions about Target category and product links
    Now that Target has ready-made text links to popular categories, I've started to decipher how to sort out the feed to find the products I need (after using a utility to split the feed into manageable size). But for certain items, I'd like to use a larger photo than the thumbnail in the feed to feature some products.

    About photos: Is it OK to "hotlink" to the larger image and replace that image URL for the link to the smaller thumbnail photos in the product links provided in the feed?

    About categories: Since we can't create our own custom links (yet), who can we contact if we need a more specific sub-category link than the broader category links provided in the Beta?

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    Product Specific Links for Target
    Good Afternoon All,

    If you need product or category specific links for Target which are not available in ConnectCommerce feel free to contact:
    Ashley Gull/ agull[at]
    Abby Whitmer/ awhitmer[at}

    DoubleClick Performics

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    Target does this every year, it's great. last year it was 10% for Q4.

    Just be careful, it's still 3% on electronics.

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