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    Anyone Need Programmer Help?
    I recently posted a thread asking about some of the different things people are doing with webservices, but i got no reply. This leads me to beleive maybe not many people are using them for one reason or another.

    Is there anyone out there that would like to use my knowledge of using webservices to incorporate into their site. Maybe we could work something out??


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    webservices is a somewhat vague word. I dont know what that means. API? And I dont use CJ myself as posted in your other thread.i

    Is webservices only in CJ?

    What other programming are you interested/qualified in? I have a few projects going on that are a bit past me. What do you want in return? Anything? SEO? Advice?

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    Well, Justin, I'm not looking for anything fancy right now. Just how to get the draned thing to work.

    I downloaded CJs sample files and obeyed the readme faithfully.

    I replaced the dev key and site id in the productSearch.php and uploaded it together with the productSearchService.wsdl to my webhost (who is running PHP 5.something if cpanel is to be believed). Then I access it the php file with the browser, search for a basic term and get absolutely no response.

    I thought the dev key was wrong, so to test it I deleted some letters, with the same results. Got a new dev key. Same results.

    What do I need to do to get some life out of this?

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    Can u show us a sample??
    Also are you looking for cash in return? and if so can you plz post ur rates?

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    Shill, unfolding?

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    My Site Needs made into Affiliate Program
    Hi, I have a website and product. But I need a low cost solution to make the site affiliate so members can pay to join and have a replication of my site but with their url and pay in a Simple but unigue way that I have.

    I will use paypal plus my own merchant account.

    A good example of a similar site that that has TWO main things Im looking for in regards to my site is they have some sort of replication and the way the payment is set up can been viewed here.

    (took out link)
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    please specify your rates

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    I need a new PHP programmer and hosting company....
    My programmer/coder is graduating from college soon and has informed me that he will not be able to spend much time on my project anymore. He has done a great job thus far and I am looking for someone to take over his position.

    He wrote for me a web site building system in PHP. Too hard to explain here but I can give you a tour of the backend (which you would need to understand). We are constantly improving on it and have lots of great things that still need to be done.

    The system is heavy in affiliate marketing and could be a fun project for someine who wants to get involved more in that end.

    He also is hosting my 600 plus sites spread on 5 different IP's so I am wanting to move that as well.

    If interested in learning more just shoot me an email.

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