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    Question re: List of merchants with sales elsewhere
    Has anyone been in a situation where they signed up with a merchant on CJ and another network, with their ads pointing to both, and thus being able to compare performance between the two networks?

    I guess I already know Spybot and Norton take 30+% of my clicks from CJ and I guess other networks could offer better or worse incentives, thus skewing things a bit, but I'm just curious if anyone has been in a position where they were able to do a pseudo-scientific experiment, split-testing two networks so to speak.

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    If Spybot & Norton take 30+% of your clicks, there's a problem. I run PPC campaigns, and the clicks that the engines report are generally within 5% (plus or minus) what my server's stats show & what my CJ stats show.

    It's really not that big of an issue, people just like freaking out.

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    Actually, my 30+% figure comes from an article I found in this forum on the subject, here it is:

    Spybot blocks 36% of CJ cookies, but I suppose the true impact depends on how many people use these antispyware programs.

    I'm still trying to figure out what impact this has on my PPC campaigns. I first started noticing it when I clicked on my Google ads and got a "Unable To Connect" page. At first I thought CJ had given me bad links, at which point I admit I freaked out.

    That's how I found out about Spybot, which I had installed, and ever since I'm been trying to figure out the true impact on my clicks.

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    If 2% of the internet population is using the new Spybot with the immunize feature, and only 36% of CJ cookies are blocked, than 3/4 of a percent of visitors will have cookies blocked by Spybot. I doubt Spybot has that much of an impact - It's becoming less relevant anyway. Windows Defender is a far superior product, and doesn't screw with cookies.

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