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    Program Status: Temporarily Offline??
    What does that mean?

    One of the merchant has this notice up but their website is not offline. Does that mean they have taken off any affiliate credits for the Xmas season?

    If that is the case, I don't see any use in promoting them period.

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    It means that they have failed to pay SAS for pending commissions due affiliates and that their links are temporarily suspended until they make a payment. As soon as they make a deposit with SAS, their links will again be working.

    If you check the merchant's Program Uptime History you can see a record of how often this has happened with this merchant, and how long it has taken them in the past to make the needed deposit and get their links back online.

    Some merchants are carefull about this and do not let it happen, and if it does because of some innocent error, they usually immediately make the deposit. However, some merchants can spend months offline.

    SAS merchants who use auto deposit seldom have their links go offline.

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    It can also indicate a very large sale that they haven't got enough on deposit to cover at that time. Best indication is their uptime history though, it can happen to anyone, even with auto deposit.

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    thanks for your replies.

    I checked their history and seems like this year it happened 4 times already. I guess I will take out their links and wait for my payment. Hopefully I will get it....

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