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    Do you sell direct or do you re-direct?
    Hello there,

    first post here, so firstly I'd like to say hello :

    Ok, I've played around a little with PPC in the past and doing some AM via a couple of websites that I have (just to generate a little extra cash rather than Adsense). However I'm now looking a lot more closely at AM in general as I've given up my day job.

    Something that I can't quite make out from reading all the threads here - are there many programs run my merchants where you can sell their products direct - i.e. you have the checkout process on your site ?

    Its just that - for me - it seems a bad idea to redirect the user to the merchant site to make that sale - as the next time they want something they will go direct to that merchant. For me it seems much better to be able to build a site that you can enhance over time and build a loyal customer base - even if you are actually reselling merchant products and taking only a small commission.

    Do these types of merchants exist? Obviously there will be more work involved as you need to then raise the orders with the merchant, but at least you then have control.

    Am I missing something here - as when I look at most of the affiliate networks (cj, etc) it all seems to be commission on sending users to the merchants site???


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    I think amazon may have something like that, and maybe that shopster place??, but otherwise, instead of affiliate marketing, I think you are interested in drop-shipping or white-box or something like that (can't really think of the term for that)

    Otherwise if you create a site and just list the same things as the merchants, and link to them, then Yes, you're not providing much, and repeat business is unlikely. To be successful in affiliate marketing, you need to add value, whether it's reviews of products, compiling a lot of niche products from different vendors in one place, or something unique that helps the consumer.

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    Amazon doesn't have it.

    Amazon has their Astore, but it still doesn't have checkout on your site. At least from reading the help files as soon as someone clicks to checkout it takes them to Really Astore isn't even on your own website just a link, frame, or Iframe. I haven't gotten any sales from any that I have set up either.

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    I am an AM and would like to address this:

    Recently I had an affiliate using a channel adviser store to sell our products on his website and the cookie wasn't tracking through channel adviser. In the end on-site checkout is useful and very attractive, but it is underdeveloped in independent programs.

    If you have on-sight checkout are you going to be able to provide tech-support to your customers?

    If you want to keep customers coming back you have to have value like NEWESTUSER said. Take one of my affiliates for example. He pulls our data-feed and does reviews on the products that way you get more than specs you get unbiased insight as well. Now the buyer will come back on his next purchase to read the reviews before he buys.

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    I would be a little bit concerned in the case of a big ticket item that ended in a chargeback if I was taking orders for goods and then ordering from the merchant to fill that order. You're the one they'll come to if the shipment arrives damaged also, but not in a position to do much. Without a special agreement with the merchant it can be a problem.

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    I think that is where one of the difference lies between an 'affiliate' and a 'reseller' - where the check out occurs. 'reseller' can be any variations like retailer, wholesaler, 3rd party middle man, dropshipper, etc.

    (1) If check out is on merchant's site - you are an affiliate. You simply pass on the sale and earn a commission.

    (2) If you check out on your site - you are a reseller. You will not earn commission from your merchant. Your commission is your profit margin you tack on yourself from the product you sell. Often times if small quantity you will have to have possession of the product and need to deal with taxes, shipping, warrantees, returns, charge backs, returns, customer service, etc. Sometimes if dealing with large quantities, it can be dropshipped.

    So you talked about wanting some control, so option 2 will give you more control.... and more headache

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