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    Best Web Building Programs
    I started out with Microsoft Publisher. Easy to use. Then I went to Frontpage and I liked many of the features (esp. Navigation Planning) but had trouble designing my pages. (Easier with Publisher)

    This weekend I bought Expression Web (for $99) and I feel like everything is exponetionally more complicated.

    So, I am currently using my original Publisher. $100 in the hole! (have Frontpage 98 already)

    I am so new to this and just want an easy to use Website Creator (for non-techies). I prefer to have a book that can refer to for help. Any advise?

    I'm so tired of spending money and not achieving my intended results!

    - Jacque

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    Check out Expression Engine or even Wordpress. Both good content management tools that make useful web building tools.
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    I think you need to get a book on expression web and learn it. Once you get the book to walk you through it its not that difficult. Also you should start with a template if your finding it hard to get what you want accomplished. There are many free templates available online. Also expression web has a lot of video and text tutorials on the Microsoft office website. Try using some of those. Publisher may be easy but in the long run you'll need something that can take some php or asp code. I have never used publisher to make a website but I can only imagine from seeing what word does to html how publisher is adding a lot of unnecessary fluff to your code. Stick with it and you'll get it. Also you should download a trial and use it for a few weeks before buying. I used to just buy software and now I have lots of useless licenses. Stick with it is the best advice I can give.

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