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    March 29th, 2007
    11/6 can't login to CJ again...
    Can't login to CJ again. Appears to have started 10 minutes ago.

    Links appear to be working...

    Ok its working again (false alarm?)...guess it was some kind of server reboot ?

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    February 15th, 2007
    11/7/07 Can't log in
    Still having troubles, so I guess I need to replace all the merchants on CJ with other network offerings. If CJ doesn't do something pretty quick, they will lose all of us!

    What is it - anyone have any idea??? Bad server, bad lines, not enough bandwidth???? They need to fix it.

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    January 18th, 2005
    Central/Western NY State
    problem may be on your end, as I got in there just fine a minute ago. could be DNS problem local to your area . . .

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    February 15th, 2007
    I was able to log on, but I'm getting concerned. The various threads on ABW are whether or not CJ is even tracking the links. It's bad enough when you can't log on to fix things, get links and check stats, but if they aren't even tracking the clicks, that really disturbs me.

    CJ has truly disturbed my serenity. I love another network a whole lot (other folks love 'em too) but I still need CJ for a couple of merchants who carry things I can't get elsewhere. I'm working on changing that, but for now that's how things are.

    It mostly disturbs me that this type of thing happens so often with CJ. I wonder if they have some kind of difficulty that might be addressed with different equipment? Perhaps better bandwidth??

    Well, I'm beyond it for the moment - we'll see what happens next year. I have to get back to holiday coding, now.

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