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    Linkshare has a strange sense of humor
    As many of you know, I was an affiliate for many years before becoming an OPM. Linkshare was never one of my favorite networks after they sold out so there was no love lost when I stopped promoting their programs when I became an OPM. Anyway, I was going through looking at various links I have set up and logged into LinkShare tonight just to see what is new. I was quikly assaulted with a warning page in big red letters that told me they did not have a current email address, which is odd as I've had the same address for them for over five years.

    Well, the humorous part was when I clicked on the link to update my email address and found what they really want is almost all information about me updated. There I saw they had my first name listed as "7" and my last name as "Marketing". Well, I'm not sure if I should be flattered or upset.

    Actually, their are two old accounts there and the other one I see has my first name as "Ron" and my last name as "Marketing". Hmmm, I kind of like that, Ron Marketing. It has a nice ring to it.
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    You are not alone. I have received this message numerous times lately. Each time there is nothing wrong with my email address. Just for kicks, I changed it and was reverified. Shortly after, I received the message again. I need to contact support as they advised me in the past, so they can investigate why this keeps happening. Will be contacting them today as I now have the message again.


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    I get it every two to three weeks and have for more than 4 months. Each time they say I have an invalid email, I punch the button to send me an email and I click the link to verify it. Nothing's changed in my account or my contact details. Further, their tracking pixel in their newsletters tells them that I'm receiving and reading those, at this very email, but they're not smart enough to tie it all together properly.

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    if there is a short period of time your email server has problem

    LS will do that

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    I get that message as well. I contacted support and they emailed me back stating that they're having an issue with this. I was told to ignore the message and that payments would no be affected.

    Kind of fustrating.

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    I added some new profiles to my LS account awhile back so I could start to track each website instead of just guessing where the links come from since they don't allow a subid anymore. I then realized I had to sign up for each merchant again just to get links for my additional sites. Well there was no way I was going to do that, it would take weeks/months if not more. So Now I have these two extra site profiles I made but I have never used & now I get that horrible message because one of them the email isn't verified despite several attempts. I wrote to LS and asked if they could delete these profiles and they said that once a new site profile is added then there is no way to delete it anymore. It is just another deeper problem with their system, I'm getting used to that ugly intruding message & it is only trivial though compared to not been able to know which of my websites is generating the sales. The funny thing is I had given my account login to one of the staff to check out some of many other issues in their system a few days ago so when they login as me they will also see what we see now
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