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    Thumbs up Share a Sale - What a Classy Act!
    I wanted to thank Share a Sale real fast for making my night....I had a pretty bad day were things just didn't seem to go right and was feeling a bit down.

    Anyways, when I got home, I had two surprises (btw this was before I got to see Frost who has been cheering me up =0))

    I opened my mailbox and there was a hand written card thanking me for participating at Think Tank. It really goes to show the difference that Share a Sale makes. After attending other networks events, spending numerous dollars with services they offer and growing the heck out of programs with them, never once did one reach out the way that Share a Sale does to their Affiliates as well as Merchants.

    You don't even have to be big time with them and they still treat you like gold. So instead of them thanking me, I'd like to thank their team of Brian, Carolyn, Sarah, Mike and everyone else who makes their network what it is and allowing us all to be a part of it.

    Now the other thing that seems to happen like a trickle down effect is that you find their merchants are just as giving, forgiving and rewarding. I had a random package show up at work and I was seriously confused....anyways, a share a sale merchant who my evil twin brother regretably made a butt out of himself in front of, sent me a really cool gift.

    Not only did this merchant remember little details about my personality, but they also remembered random things I said and sent me a dead on present.

    Needless to say I am now Crazy for Bargains and and currently buying some domains to make this my new project to promote.

    Regardless of whatever any else would post anywhere, Share a Sale is definitely changing the way people feel about networks by having caring merchants, a staff that really understands how to build affiliate relationships with merchants, and produces tools like make a page, and does not charge you any fees to use them. This is one network that is now getting priority on all of my domains.

    Sorry for posting this random thread, but Thank you SAS for being the network that cares about not just top performers (Merchant and Affiliate) but for really letting the little guys feel important to.
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    Amen to that Liquid. We received the same card yesterday. It was a simple card, not a new car. But that simple little thoughtful act by the folks who sponsored and hosted the Think Tank just made Ellen & I both smile and remark how nice it was that they took the time to express that thought.

    This is a very special network - owned by a very special young man and managed by a special group of people who "get it". Thank You Brian, Michael, Carolyn and Sarah. You are creating loyalty every day by your actions and efforts. Bravo
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