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    why does this happen?
    On adwords, I am able to set the bids on keywords and they work for around a day or so but then all the sudden it will say raise the min bid price to like $1 or even $2! Not sure why they do this or what but any advice would be great.

    Yesterday I had 150 keywords in there and today they wanted me to raise the min bid on all of them to over 5x.

    Please help.


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    Your Google rating is not high enough yet.

    Try deleting them and re adding them. Sometimes that works.
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    Essentially Google is looking for a perfect match between keyword, ad copy and landing page content. They call it a "quality score". I blogged a bit about it a few weeks ago:

    On the keywords tab in an ad group, click "customize columns" and scroll up the menu to find "quality score". Improve that score and your minimum bids go down.

    Best way is to use highly targeted ad groups, lots of 'em. Each group may only have a dozen words, but if they match the ad copy and landing page content, you're quality score will be great, your min bids low and your conversion should be pretty good too.

    Good luck!
    Eathan Mertz

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