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    How to avoid Double Pay?
    Dear all,
    I meet some trouble again :
    My website run in two affiliate network,
    Today when I Confirmed the order the in both networks , I just found that some order are record in both network .

    Does any body has some suggesstion on avoiding the " double pay "

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    It should be the merchant responsibility to sort this out.

    Some merchants split the commissions

    Some merchants give it to the last referrer cookie

    Some merchants give preference to one network over other

    Some merchants give merchants prefer a network where they dole out lower commissions or lower network fees ..

    Right way to do it - the merchant to have correct systems in place to give the commissions to last referrer IMO

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    The 'phenomenon' is called "double dipping" (as two cookies are "dipped" into the same channel and the result is a duplicate commission on two different networks). If you run an affiliate program on two networks, you want to make sure that your confirmation page shows the tracking code of the last referral network (and not both).


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