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    Please help me..

    i am working on a price comparison site and our merchants provide data feeds in different formats, i.e CSV (comma, tab) and XML. These feeds will be updatad by merchant every day. I would appreciate if anyone help me in clarifying my doubts with this data feed stuff.

    1. We are using CSV (comma) at the moment. Which data feed format would you suggest for a php price comparison site?

    Currently we download data feeds from affiliate urls and save them to PC, Then upload them to site ftp folder. we got script in place to run manually with a browser, so that feeds can be uploaded to our database. This is one time consuming process and as you can appreciate i have just finished uni and learning from pros like you. I got told of the cron job, but i don't know how to.

    2. how to find the merchant data feed update time everyday? and Please, would you suggest me how to automate this datafeed integration process?

    Please do spare some of your valuable time to help me. Thanks ever so much for your help...


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    1. What do you mean "which data feed format... price comparison site?". You are the one absorbing the feeds, not creating them. Your stuff will all be in a database. Expect that the merchants that feed you (literally/figuratively) will have feeds in every imaginable format - including XML and Web services. So plan for that now.

    2. Search this forum - especially the datafeed subforum. There you will find a thread (might even be stickied) showing how to connect to SAS and automate your download feed. This can easily be altered to work with any site that supplies data on an FTP site.

    Automation is relatively easy if you break it down to its components.
    I. Work on getting your script working to get the data
    II. Work on getting your script working to import the data to your database
    III. Schedule this job to run on a regular basis. Hopefully it will run on a server that is on the internet as opposed to your own machine. But to each his own.
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