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    2,973 login problem
    I just discovered that my ID is no longer recognized when I try to log in at My affiliate links still appear to work, but of course I can't know if they're still being tracked.

    It's possible that this is Kowabunga's retaliation for my complaints about their spam. was the only Kowabunga merchant that I've continued to work with, but as of 3 minutes ago I've pulled the plug on all PPC campaigns for, and I cannot imagine any reason why I would turn them back on.
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    They are now in CJ and Performics. I got an email about it about a month ago.

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    January 18th, 2005
    Moving from Kowabunga to CJ is like moving from the fire to the frying pan -- an improvement, perhaps, but not much.

    After told me they would be moving their program, I made a very brief effort to set up at Performics and concluded that their support was incompetent, so I chose not to waste time there.

    My relationship with Kowabunga and Think Partnership has now ended; my relationship with has also ended. (I only earned $13,266 in revenue from during the 2006-2007 "season.")

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    I received an email reply from Greg Hoffman at Kowabunga/Think Partnership this morning. He acknowledged that he removed me from the affiliate program. He claims that he did so at my request, and that I did not mention my intent to continue a relationship with

    I'm sure that I did mention my continuing relationship with during my phone conversation yesterday with Mr. Hoffman, and I know I mentioned my continuing relationship with in many earlier conversions and email exchanges with him, as I had to repeatedly explain why I didn't simply add Kowabunga's servers to my "blacklist."

    I believe that Mr. Hoffman's action in removing me from the affiliate program was retaliation, and not an innocent accident.

    I am glad to learn that this isn't a problem that will impact other affiliates. I have been quite satisfied with my long relationship with, and wish there were some way it could continue.

    I have paused all PPC campaigns promoting calendar sales; early next week, I'll be stripping out all links from my sites.

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    Just my opinion but I didn't think there links and banners were that great. As a matter fact I haven't been impressed wth Kowabunga at all compare to other networks.

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