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    Thumbs down That strange Market Leverage
    Yesterday I was utterly amazed. This happened after I talked with Market Leverage managers.
    The essence of the matter is as foll. On Nov 2 I applied for a membership in this affiliate network. In fifteen min I received an answer from Sal Guarino, Director of Sales.

    Thank you for applying to Market Leverage! I will personally review your application shortly. At the latest, you will hear from me within 1 business day. In the meantime, please contact me if you have any immediate questions.

    But there was no answer. On Nov 9 I asked Sal Guarino via AIM about the progress in considering my application.

    Again in fifteen min I received the foll answer from Erick Bright:

    Thank you for your publisher application, but we cannot accept you at this time.
    Unfortunately, your application was denied because you have been denied from many of our partner networks.

    First of all, I started my business 1.5 months ago only and within this period I have filed only FOUR applications. TWO of them were accepted. Besides these affiliate networks have much more members and advertisers than Market Leverage. One of them is so kind that assigned me a manager who speaks my native language. The other two networks have reasoned their denials quite convincingly - it is business, everybody works according to his or her own principles.

    Are the many networks that Erick Bright quotes these two that I've mentioned? I doubt they are Market Leverage's affiliate networks. Therefore it looks like for Erick Bright "more than one" is "many".

    In the second place, he explains his denial by other networks' denials though he never gave me the names of those networks. Does Market Leverage have its own managers or it bases its work on rumours and the tea-leaves reading?

    Naturally a question arises is this a Market Leverage new know-how or kind of a star fever?

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    I am sorry to hear how you feel.

    However, when you applied with our network, our system indicated that you had been denied from multiple other networks. Based on that, in order to be on the safe side in protecting our advertisers from potential problems, we initially denied your application.

    When we received your instant message inquiries regarding our denial, we informed you of our very understandable rationale. At that point, you expressed disagreement with the number of how many networks denied you. Understanding that technology is often less than perfect, we gave you another option to help you get approved. That was to provide us some references from within the industry. You mentioned that you were unable to do this at this point but would be able to do so in a couple of months, after having a better, more proven track record.

    That brings us to now. As we mentioned in our last correspondence about a week ago, we value all publisher applications and look forward to having that information when you can provide it, so we too can work together.

    Again, I am sorry that you feel frustrated; however, I trust you can appreciate that as a reputable affiliate network that is responsible not only to its thousands of publishers, but also to its hundreds of advertisers, we need to be 100% assured that we are working only with reputable and dependable partners. Please get in touch with me directly when you can provide the info we asked for.

    Thanks again -

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